7 lives is an interactive tale that tells the odyssey of a soul, standing between the living and the deads. In this dreamlike experience, users go from a dimension to another- reality, memories, feelings - and explore spaces that usually remain invisible. Taking root in Japan and shinto, 7 lives arouse an imagination shared by a whole generation, inspired by japanim and mangas.

7 lives gathers renowned professionals from different fields : Jan Kounen, filmmaker (Blueberry, Doberman, 99francs), David Calvo and Charles Ayats, video games designers (Dofus, Typerider, SENS) and Small Studio.

7 lives is produced by Red Corner, France Télévisions, a_Bahn and Frakas Productions and Small Studio with the support of the CNC, the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Belgian Tax Shelter, Wallimages and Creative Wallonia.

7 lives was part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s VR selection, April 2019.

Available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift / Cosmos on Viveport and Steam.